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What is The Job Matcher?

The Job Matcher matches your talents and competences with the current job market. Within 20 to 30 minutes you will find 10 job opportunities that perfectly match your personality!

How does it work ?

We derive your competences and values through a test. We match this with 300 jobs on the labor market and the competencies that are required for this. After 20 to 30 minutes you will receive the ten job opportunities that best match your personality and talents!

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Why test out The Job Matcher?

Wide range of jobs

Through The Job Matcher you discover jobs from a variety of sectors that you had often not thought of before. This is because the test bundles more than 300 job descriptions from more than 20 sectors. This way you will be offered an extensive range of job opportunities so that your talents can be fully utilized!

Independent advice

The Job Matcher immediately links a personality and competence test to practice. With an independent test mechanism of 20 minutes you immediately get 10 job descriptions that fit well with your talents and competences. You will also find suggestions from job websites with companies that often have vacancies related to these positions.

Make full use of your talent

The test broadens your view and helps you determine a long-term career revision. Our goal is always to fully show everyone's talents. In this way every participant gets the opportunity to fully utilize his / her talent for maximum productivity, welfare improvement and motivation!